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ABG Counseling and Career Consulting LLC provide exceptional service and expertise to deliver effective Professional Development Solutions for clients throughout the country. ABG Counseling CC's leadership has extensive knowledge in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness, Outplacement Services, Leadership Development, Career Readiness Prep, Succession Planning, Management Restructuring, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Training and Performance Evaluation, Career Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and a reputation of excellence.

Alberta Green, the CEO of ABG Counseling CC has over 18 years of experience working within state entities, higher academia, a fortune 148 corporation, private sectors, nonprofit, and small business management.

ABG Counseling CC has the expertise that enables agencies to maintain a sharp focus on key success factors, sound bottom-line management, and innovative quality participant services in today’s highly competitive workforce market. ABG Counseling CC envisions a society where all people are motivated and prepared to be productive contributors to their organizations and communities. To that end, the agency places a high value on delivering high quality, timely, consistent services, and developing working relationships with company partners, participants, and other service providers. ABG Counseling CC’s vision is to build and empower the confidence and effective communication skill levels of individuals, organizations, and communities through providing an all-inclusive career-driven approach to leadership and professional development training attainment skills.

Your mind, body, and spirit play a very important role in your life.  A mind is an important tool that can make or break the way you feel about yourself. Your body - temporary home- has been growing and shifting since birth! If it is not maintained, given nutrients, water and substance, it can affect your mind greatly. Your spirit dwells in your body and mind. All three are meant to work together in harmony for your ultimate well being.

Again, when your mind, body, and spirit are not in line, your entire outlook on life can be affected. You may question why you can't find happiness, why are you feeling sick, angry or depressed or wonder what you can do to improve your life.

My number one goal of our counseling/client relationship is to help you become a better you by providing you with the necessary skills and tools to get there.

Counseling Relationship

Your Mind, Body and Spirit

About ABG Counseling CC

ABG Counseling and Career Consulting LLC

ABG Counseling CC views the counseling relationship as caring and trusting. The counselor is responsible for providing a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you, the client can explore and identify present problematic areas. My staff and I can then help you to address these needs by developing goals for future improvement and then provide you with the knowledge and insight to move toward these goals in an orderly fashion. 

To maintain your confidentiality, I will not initiate any conversation with you in a different environment outside of counseling unless you first initiate conversation with me. Although the sessions can be very intimate, the relationship is professional rather than personal.